In large bodies of water across the U.S., I often hear the same stories about “catfish as big as Volkswagens” or my personal favorite: “commercial divers saw catfish so big, they refused to go back down”. These stories are nothing more than urban legend, and I’ve heard...

We've all heard, at one point or another, that "invasive species are bad for the environment." In fact, many scientists cite invasive species and habitat degradation as the two greatest threats to global biodiversity. But how do we define an invasive species? Why are m...

“What, what is that…?” stammered Zach Moran, as he dug through a ziplock bag full of what appeared to be raw sewage. The stench was so oppressive it made our eyes water. In between dry heaves I handed him the forceps, and he delicately reached into the bag.

After a few...

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